Joshua David Reichman
October 14, 2011
3:44 pm
6 lbs 14 oz | 19.5 inches

Joshua is perfect in every way and his parents are doing wonderfully. More photos later, after we catch our breath.
Can’t thank you enough for your prayers and the love you have expressed to our family.

We prayed for this child and the Lord granted what we asked of Him.
Amazed, grateful and humbled.

4 thoughts on “Introducing…

  1. OH MY GOSH!!!! JOSHUA IS BEAUTIFUL!!!!!! THANK YOU LORD FOR THIS PRECIOUS GIFT! How blessed you all are, but also how blessed is Joshua to be a part of your family. I am so happy Ruthie for you and your whole family. Can’t wait to meet Joshua! Please tell mommy and daddy they are in my thoughts and prayers and GREAT JOB! LOVE TO ALL OF YOU!!! PRAISE YOU LORD YOU ARE SO AWESOME!!!!!!


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