fresh from heaven

Not really sure if we have caught our breath yet, but I couldn’t wait to share some of my favorite photos of sweet Baby Joshua with a little video recap of the past week. Has it already been a week?!

I feel like such a rich woman…
I have been given so much!
Gifts from above, overflowing.
The gift of a beautiful healthy grandson who fills my heart with such joy.
For he is the gift of answered prayer.
The blessing of being there… to witness the miracle of his birth.
To experience the community of family and friends who share in our joy.
To watch as my daughter and son-in-law enter into the hardest and most beautiful thing they will ever do… love and nurture their son, Joshua David.

breathless and grateful…

8 thoughts on “fresh from heaven

  1. Your pictures are marvelous Ruthi! And little Joshua already has such an expressive little face…you are going to fill up lots of computer memory space with these gorgeous grandsons of yours!


  2. Sooooo precious , The joy and love is evident in every picture! Praise the Lord! Thanks for sharing these memories and moments Ruthi!


  3. oh how very very beuatiful .. touching .. and just so very amazing …
    the thought that all this joy could be shared with so many friends and
    family who love this mommy and daddy and little one .. is just such a blessing ..
    you have captured each moment .. and the music is perfect !!! …
    you are so talented my dear sister/friend .. as always have blessed my heart !!


  4. I loved seeing everyone! Amazing pictures, Can’t believe it has been a week already and how healthy and happy everyone is. Life is a miracle never to be forgotten. We are so very blessed with Joshua now being part of this incriceble planet and he is so very loved! I had tears of joy rolling down my face as I watched this, Thank you so much for sharing and thinking of me!
    This is truly amazing! Thank you Ruthi! Miss you!


  5. He is such a cutie! His hair looks the same color Andrews did when he was born. So happy for you guys! Can’t wait to meet him!


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