precious days



These beginning days of a family welcoming a baby are precious days that fly by much too quickly. I can’t believe that Joshua is in his third week already. It has been a joy for me to spend some of my days with him and his mama.


Days filled with the gift of just being… being a mom, being a nana, being still because to-do list and laundry, blogs and emails, cleaning and holiday organizing… they can wait, but babies can’t.

Reminds me of another time… another brand new baby to sit and just be with…


Jaxson is eighteen months old today! Happy year and a half birthday Buddy! You sure are a handsome little man and I miss you!



The day will soon come when we won’t be able to keep Joshua still. He will be busy exploring and discovering just like his cousin Jaxson. So for now the less important things will have to wait, so we can embrace this season.

12x12 - Page 001

He is the cutest little pumpkin in the patch!

12x12 - Page 002

And who can doubt the miracle of a baby, perfectly formed by the hand of God?




Today, I hope you can find time to put aside your doing and just be.

3 thoughts on “precious days

  1. Oh, Ruthi! So precious! And the way you captured Joshua in each picture – what talent! I guess the wisdom of being a nana does help you value each and every moment all the more, doesn’t it? You are blessed!


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