Happy Birthday Dad!

Today is Dad’s birthday!
We have celebrated his last three birthdays at the nursing home.




Mom, Dad, Mark and I celebrated yesterday with Wendy’s hamburger, fries and frosties, a homemade fresh apple cake, a couple gifts, cards received from family and friends, and a giant balloon. Mom in her usual style set a festive table for the occasion.

It’s hard to get a photo of Dad looking at the camera, but when he does you just have to snap it, whether anybody else is ready or not. Sorry Mom 🙂 You can see he still has that twinkle in his eye.

Dad was chosen for the “Resident of the Month” and this is what they posted on the board. Mom and I especially like what they wrote at the end…

Mom and Dad’s dear friends, Clayt and Marilyn, came for a few days visit this past week, just spending time with Mom and Dad. What a blessing!

My “memory vault” is overflowing with with folders of photographs lately (I wonder why?!) and when I was looking for photos for this post, I ran across these taken in September that I had forgotten about. I think they are perfect for today!

I love how Dad and Jaxson are almost mirrors of each other.

Happy Birthday Dad!
You are loved!

8 thoughts on “Happy Birthday Dad!

  1. This whole post gives me a lump in my throat. Such love in your family! I think it’s so awesome that you continue to celebrate with a festive table and gifts and balloons. Your dad just has to feel that at some level! What a testimony, too! And I just love the pictures of him and Jaxon – so sweet to see them together. Thanks for sharing, Ruthi!


    1. What a tremendous person your father is. His love for the Lord has been an example for us all. It was nice to see Harry and Lucy there to celebrate with you. Take care Ruthi


  2. Happy Birthday Art!! Thank you Ruthi, for such a great job in creating family memories in color. They will be lasting visuals to jog our memories. What precious pictures of Jaxson! Keep on snapping those pictures. I forgive you. Love Mom


  3. I also loved the writing on Arts “resident of the month” poster. It’s wonderful to know that God is continuing to use his testimony to the many who assist him at Westminster. Thanks for the memories. Ruth


  4. Happy Birthday Grandpa!!! Wish we could have been there to celebrate with you…sorry we missed it! Resident of the month…congratulations! Everything they said about you is so true…you are an extraordinary man and true testament of God’s love! We love you- Mike, Veronica and Joshua


  5. Happy Birthday Uncle Art! Thank you Ruthi for the touching pictures. It is so nice to “see” through them that the spark is still there in your amazing Dad! Love you all.


  6. I must check my email more often…WOW what a picture of the “Old Warrior” and his Great Grandson My heart is so full with the joy I feel for God’s goodness to remind me of the days I have had in knowing the Yohners…. THANKS Ruthi for keeping me in touch


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