eat, wake, sleep

Joshua is one month old! My how time flies! WHERE OH WHERE have the days gone?! Days filled with eat, wake, sleep… eat, wake, sleep!

Veronica and I attempted to take some of those cool newborn photos you see out there.

Here’s a couple we tried…

And then the one with sleeping babies propped in different positions, which took alot of patience…

This session had Veronica rollong on the floor laughing… never did get “the tie shot” but it was fun…

Joshua was such a good sport through it all,

but all I can say is I have a whole new level of respect for newborn photographers!

There has been lots of love poured out on this sweet boy. His Grandma Martha and Uncle David came for a visit when he was two weeks old.

You can feel the joy, can’t you!

His mama and daddy are the best! Their love for each other overflows onto Joshua.

Papa gets in on the action…

and every chance I get, I take it all in, grateful for the way God answered our prayers…

for we prayed for this child and God granted what we asked of him.

What a precious gift Joshua is to our family, another bright ray of sunshine.

Joshua had his one month check-up this week. He is doing great and now weighs 8 lbs 11 oz and is 21 inches long. There is an issue with one of his eyes that we need to pray will correct itself…so if you think of us please pray that the swelling and droopiness in his left eye will go away…we appreciate it!

6 thoughts on “eat, wake, sleep

  1. Ruthi, Love the photos and my favorite is the one with orange hat!! I will continue my prayers for you and all of your family! HUGS!


  2. Ruthi, you and your family continue to be an inspiration to me and my family. Merry Christmas to you all, and may God continue to speak through your words.


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