giving thanks, part 1

It is December isn’t it?! Time to take pause, reflect and give thanks for His many gifts.

Thankful that one morning we…

…that same afternoon after a short drive across the state!

The weekend before thanksgiving, Mark and I enjoyed a couple days with Jesse, Amber and Jaxson.
We LOVED The waterfront Green Market on Saturday morning…

sensory delight… flowers, vegetables, time together, ethnic foods, cheeses, pastries, orchids, music, beauitful weather, children, dogs, and I never saw so many people with cameras!

And of course lots of fun times with Jaxson who is such a big boy now… seeing less and less of that baby boy!

Jaxson has a great waterfront park a couple blocks from his home, so we took a walk one morning and boy did he have fun! He is one fast and fearless little man!

One morning when it was just Jaxson and I, we had a little “photo session”. He was making me laugh the way he would smile for the camera.

Two of my favorite Jaxson poses…

He loves to look out the window watching birds, dogs, cars and especially the trash truck!

As always it was wonderful to spend some time with Amber, Jaxson’s beautiful mama…

who is already 29 weeks!! Soon Baby Girl will be added to the nest!

{MUCH MORE to give thanks for… will post tomorrow, I promise!}

2 thoughts on “giving thanks, part 1

  1. Ruthi, that Jaxson is SO cute! I know you just love spending time with him. And what great pictures you were able to get of him. I love, love, love the pictures of the market you visited. Markets like that are some of my favorite places in the world. Thanks for sharing!


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