giving thanks, part 3

Coming here and typing out my thoughts over the past few days has been good for my soul. It has helped put things in perspective… to see God’s hand more clearly… to give thanks for all He has done. The past two days I have reflected on the incredible gifts God has given our family… Joshua and Jaxson.

If you are a grandparent, I don’t need to explain it to you. It’s just THE BEST THING EVER! Thanks for letting me share my joy.

I want to talk a bit about my Dad today. I shared a few weeks ago in this post about Dad being discharged from Hospice and how we were disappointed that as a result he would lose his Broda chair. Mom encouraged us to trust God with this and to see how He would provide. That is the way Mom and Dad have always been. As missionaries they never asked for anything, even though they have lived on faith in God to provide their support through amazing friends and family who give so faithfully. Mom and I felt that since the Broda chair fit Dad’s needs and made him comfortable and the facility did not have one to offer him, we would go ahead and order him one to replace the hospice chair, trusting God to provide the $3000 to pay for it. After our previous not-so-good experience a couple of years ago with purchasing a wheelchair, we were thrilled with the Broda company representative who let us test a chair for a week and never once made us feel pressured to sign the dotted line. We knew it was the right chair for him and committed to purchasing the chair. That was three weeks ago. A week ago I received a letter from a dear friend of my parents with a $500 check enclosed to help with the expense of the chair! They said that this was a tangible way they could help my parents and encouraged me to share the need here on my blog. I told Mom about the check and asked if she felt comfortable with me sharing about the need. She quickly responded that with that check God had already supplied most of what was needed through the generosity of others!!!!! Later that day she called to tell me that someone else had given her a check that made the chair paid for!  So here’s a big “shout out” to our Provider, Jehovah Jireh, who doesn’t need social media to raise money, and to those of you who quietly gave. We are beyond thankful!

Over this past weekend Dad came down with a bad cold… congestion and fever. They did an x-ray and it came back negative for pneumonia, for which we are very thankful. He is on antibiotics (when he will take it) and his caregivers are taking good care of him, along with Mom. Yesterday morning his fever broke and he seemed to be feeling better, so Mom decided with the encouragement of the staff to let him participate in a Tidewell Hospice Honoring of Veterans ceremony down in the rotunda.

We were not really sure what it would be like. But I am so thankful that Dad felt better and that Mom and I were there. When I waked into the room (almost late) I was surprised by the wave of emotion that hit me as I saw this group of 40 or so men and women sitting in their wheel chairs, surrounded by family, friends and staff.

I was struck by the thought that this is a generation of people who sacrificed so much for our country and the freedom we have experienced, who defined the word patriotism… something that is quickly waning.

There were honoring words spoken, songs sung about amber waves of grain and God’s grace being shed on this country. One thing that was said stuck with me… someone isn’t honored for what they received but for what they gave.

Each veteran was presented with a framed document and a pin and then saluted. Dad slept through most of it, but toward the end I think he was aware of what was happening.

Of course with a name like Yohner he was last… Mom said that he would say that he was always the last to get paid in the army.

Thank you so much Tidewell Hospice for what you gave back to these deserving people yesterday.

I am very proud of my Dad. Not only was he a United States Army solider…

who served in Guam

but more importantly he was a solider for Christ…

fighting to bring the Light and Freedom to those living in darkness…

We need more like you, Dad.

Your prayers are appreciated for Dad, that he will recover fully from this cold and for Mom that she will remain healthy. Thank you!

Our hearts are full of thanksgiving for His unspeakable gifts!

8 thoughts on “giving thanks, part 3

  1. what a heart felt and beautiful post miss ruthi ..
    i know that all of your words and sights evoked many emotions ..
    i am learning that sadness and greatfulness can often walk arm and arm ..
    (for me) .. although i see them as such an odd couple .. always sriving to
    keep “greatfulness” the stronger of the two !! .. special love to you my
    dear sister …j.


  2. What a beautiful post! The picture of the man saluting your dad brought tears. How wonderful that these men would be honored like this. And I love all the pictures of your dad, especially the last one. You truly are very blessed, Ruthi!


  3. Thank you, Ruthi! You are a blessing to me as I see you honor your father in words and pictures. I am so glad we were able to attend this moving ceremony even though your Dad was not feeling well and missed most of it. Thank you, Westminster, Hospice and VFW. Our highest praise goes to the Lord who has marvelously proven himself again and again that he cares for us and provides our every need.

    Recently, I mentioned in our newsletter, “Exclamation!” that we were experiencing many “a breath of fresh air”. When I am discouraged, disappointed or weary it seems that the Lord sends along someone or something – a note, a smile and a hug, a phone call, a check, a Bible verse, a Psalm or a still small voice – to be my “breath of fresh air”. In recent weeks I am almost hyperventilated and feel like I am in a hurricane of blessing from God. I cannot find the words to express my gratitude to God and to his instruments of blessing in our lives. May God richly bless and reward them! I am moved to tears when I see my husband cared for and honored for his many years of unselfish and compassionate service to people and to his God. Yes, he served in the Army gladly but it has been a greater honor to be a Christian Soldier in God’s Army bringing peace and joy to others.

    Philippians 4:6-8 Be anxious for nothing; but in everything by prayer and supplication with thanksgiving let your requests be made known unto God. And the peace of God which passeth all understanding shall keep your hearts and minds through Jesus Christ. Amen and Amen!!


  4. You’ve outdone yourself with this series. Thanks for all the gorgeous pictures. I will be praying for your dad to get well and give thanks for his chair. Glad they had such a nice celebration for the
    veterans. I posted my memories from that day 70 yrs. ago. Now, I have to write it all down so that it does not get lost.

    Love you,



  5. thanks for updating Ruthi. love to see the pics and of course your dad. i continue to pray that he feels better. your mom seems very strong and that’s awesome gift from God.


  6. Ruthi, Your recent blog brought tears to my eyes. Both your parents are true soldiers for Christ! How they have impacted my late husband and still have the same effect on me. How exciting it is to see the Lord using all of you to help build His Kingdom even in these difficult situations

    Give my love to both of them and a very Merry Christmas to all of you.
    Mary Ellen Harshbarger, New Hope Baptist


  7. Thank you, Ruthi! How extra special this post is. Wow.

    Saturday at a Christmas party for kids at our church and their guests, Stephen participated in a puppet skit. We had named his adorable (I mean, handsome!) puppet “Uncle Art” several years back when we bought it. It was touching to hear him, through “Uncle Art” share the Gospel as he dialogued back and forth with Rick, who led the object lesson. Some of the kids took turns unwrapping a huge present with a manger, hay and… “baby Jesus” — yes, the greatest gift of all!!!

    Thanking God for your parents precious testimony and influence on our lives… and for your incredible blog.

    Tricia Bailey


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