giving thanks, part 2

{ and yes I know this is not a very flattering photo of me, but I only had two choices and the other one was not very flattering of someone else, who I won’t name :)}

And speaking of Joshua! He is seven weeks old already and growing so fast…

Yesterday I had the pleasure of babysitting while his mama went out for a little lunch with some girlfriends. He was PERFECT! Smiled, cooed, ate, slept…

Oh how I love this handsome little guy!

Isn’t a sleeping baby the sweetest thing!…

I have often said that parenthood is the hardest and the best thing anyone will ever do.

Watching Joshua’s handsome Daddy and beautiful Mama embrace their new calling as parents makes me proud and so very grateful for God’s blessing on their lives.

{giving thanks, part 3 tomorrow…}

One thought on “giving thanks, part 2

  1. Thanks for making my day. How beautiful you all are; I love the picture with your dad. Looking forward to tomorrow’s post. You are a treasure in my box. Love, Barb


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