something special

Thought I would try to quickly update you all each morning if possible and share this journey with you with a few words and photos.

Dad continues to sleep and all who see him comment that he looks comfortable and peaceful. Our hearts are so grateful that he is.

We are back with Hospice and thankful for what they give to us at this time. The Hospice Chaplain came by and sang two beautiful hymns over Dad and spoke a powerful blessings over him and us. Her voice was angelic and her words so annointed. I have started calling her the hospice angel, because not only is she a beautiful woman, but she has a beautiful spirit.

The staff here at the Towers, where Dad has been for two and a half years have been so good to us. We are thankful that Dad’s room is at the end of the hall with a sitting area just outside his door. They have provided drinks and snacks for us and are doing everything they can to make this time special.

The day was sprinkled with friends and family stopping by, allowing God to strengthen us through their words. Reminded by Pastor Helms that “something special is about to happen!”

One special moment to remember was when Veronica was saying good-bye to Dad. She held Joshua up close to his great grandpa’s face and Joshua began smiling, cooing and “talking” loud and longer than I have ever heard him. I think he and Dad were having a conversation.

A highschool friend of mine from Ben Lippen days wrote … “I remember your father as a tall, strong and passionate man and he will step back into those footprints very soon” I love that!

Thank you so very much for all your phone calls, emails and comments here and on FaceBook. You know if we could we would respond to each one individually, but right now I just want to say thank you so much.

Here’s a little something from Dad’s bible…

He had beautiful handwriting.

7 thoughts on “something special

  1. Thanks, Ruthi, for sharing all the things in this post. Something special is about to happen with Dan’s mother also, and I found that comment so meaningful – I hope to share it with his family. May God’s strength and peace be yours during this time!


  2. Thank you Ruthi! We are so blessed that you continue to be able to paint a picture for us with your words & photos of this time. I am struck that the faces in your pictures, even Aunt Evy’s, are calm, peaceful. Uncle Art looks peaceful, and his room a place of brightness and life. So special is that picture of Veronica & Joshua, sharing smiles with him. I know his heart was smiling right back! Love you all.


  3. We thank you for your continued faithfulness to the Lord, and your continued updates. We are praying for a joyful homegoing, one that will strengthen your joys and faith, a miracle of faith fulfilled, joys complete, strength, peace, endurance for the journey, a harvest beyond measure for the countless seeds planted. Blessed assurance! Jesus comes for His own, and as your father takes the hand of Jesus, dances in Heaven, and enjoys the banquet prepared, may you feel the Lord’s presence in this joyful homegoing and promotion to Heaven. We can only imagine….what joys we have in Jesus! May Christ keep you in His perfect peace and fill you with His joys. Peace of Christ to all of you.


  4. Dear Ruthi, Thank you for sharing this painful and very personal journey with us. We are blessed to be with you in this way. Thanks for the pictures. They are so precious and tell quite a story. May God comfort and strengthen you moment by moment.
    As I read what Art had written in the section you shared from his Bible, even though he sleeps, he speaks clearly of faith and trust at the most difficult times. He speaks to those of us who face difficult days and months ahead. His words of trust and faith in our ever present God, bring comfort and courage for the journey. We love you and surround you in prayer. Dad and Mom De Jong


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