the gift of days

Yesterday was a quiet day. Mom and I were able to make some phone calls and talk over plans.

Our precious faithful friends, Ron and Jackie, took us out to lunch, which was a nice reprieve.

Pastor Erickson, who has faithfully visited Dad over the past two and a half years, came and prayed with us.

There is little change with Dad. He is remarkably peaceful. His CNA said he did open his eyes briefly as she was tending to him, while Mom and I stepped out into the hall. Rosie, who provides activities for the residents and who had a special connection with Dad, said she told him to squeeze her hand if he could hear her and he did!

It’s the waiting that can be hard at times, but as someone reminded me, these days are a gift. So we will not waste them busying ourselves with things that don’t matter. We will sit and talk and pray and give thanks for the many ways God is carrying us.

We do need your continued prayers. While I want to share our journey with you, there are things that are not wise or appropriate to share here in this place. So we trust the Holy Spirit to intercede and to prompt you to pray on our behalf. Some specifics… for us to see God’s hand in the timing of things and how it will affect our family who want to be here. We are thankful for restful sleep and God’s strength that carries us through the days. Prayers for Dad’s caregivers and staff, both from the facility and Hospice, as they minister to Dad and to us.

AS I sit here and write to you, Mom is reading some of the wonderful notes and letters from her Treasure Box of 80 Memories. Your words give strength, comfort, joy and assurance that our God is faithful to do way more than we can ever imagine and that his timing is perfect!

I will sign off with this from the cover of Dad’s Pastors Manual…

Thank you so so very much!!!

8 thoughts on “the gift of days

  1. “Peace I give you”……His faithfulness is so evident in your spirits and sharing as you wait with God’s assurance of salvation and blessed homegoing….our prayers continue. Your faith is shining with God’s light as He goes before you as you trust and rest in Him. Thank you for continued updates, enabling us to know how to pray. We so appreciate and love all of you.


  2. Continued prayers for you and your family, Ruthi. If you need anything, please do not hesitate to let me know and I will be there. Hugs…


  3. Seeing the 23rd Psalm reminded me of the day when I visited your Dad while I was in High School.
    Mom met me at your door and said Dad was in bed (an unusual thing)…so going in, your Dad was sitting on the bed and saying, “He maketh me to lie down on white sheets”. I have never forgotten the twinkle in the “Ole Warrior’s” eye and the joy and gladness he always had. I love him because he was one of two men who taught me to love Jesus. Bless you Evy and Ruthi. Thanks for sharing.


  4. Ruthi, i dont know what to say…we just went through this with my uncle who also meant alot to me. was there for me in my high school years, alot like your Dad. you know what i mean. šŸ™‚ i’m thinking of you and praying for you, Mark and your family, my dear friend!


  5. The 2 lines that popped out to me as you’ve written “He leadeth me beside the STILL waters, He RESTORETH my soul”, God’s Word is hidden in your Dad’s spiritual mind & soul. We have such an amazing God, His Word speaks such loving truth @ the right time of our need.
    You are in our thoughts & prayers, Tim & Diana


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