precious in His sight

Yesterday we had visits from Hospice…

Annette, the “hospice angel” as I call her, came while Veronica and her family were here. We sang Amazing grace together… or tried to at least. She prayed for our family and ended with a special blessing over Joshua, that he would grow strong and mighty in the Lord.

Mom enjoyed showing Janet, Dad’s hospice nurse a photo book of their years in Suriname.

Last night was a long night. We found it hard to make the decision to stay with Dad or go home to sleep. Mom went home and we are grateful she was able to sleep. Our friend Jackie and I stayed with Dad. She is a gift during these days!

It seems inconceivable to be saying on Day 10 or is it 11?, that Dad is about the same as yesterday. This painfully slow process is not easy to watch and tears find there way out when least expected, but how can we ask for more than the fact that aside from his labored breathing Dad continues to be comfortable and peaceful without the aid of meds.

We can feel your love and prayers dear friends and family. We are counting on them! Thank you for allowing us to share this journey with you.

This morning Mom wrote this on the board in Dad’s room …

2 thoughts on “precious in His sight

  1. Ruthi, I just want to thank you so much for these post you do, I love watching the children grow up even thou i have never met them but, I do feel like I do. Your dad are great people, I am glad they our my neighbors you could ask for any better, I love them both very much. I am thinking of you all and if there is any thing I can do please let me know. I am here for you all. I look forward to seeing your posts and seeing how your dad is doing and seeing all the pictures. You all are in my prayer and I am thinking of you all .
    Thank you again,
    God Bless.


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