the gift of laughter

As we wait we look for the gifts of these days.

One big gift is your words of encouragement. Mom was finally able to read through more of your FaceBook and blog comments this morning.

Reading through Dad’s bible is also one of those gifts. Those of you who knew Dad, know that he was one funny guy. He always had a funny story or joke to tell. He loved to laugh.

I found these verses and notes yesterday in his bible…

And then we got these videos from the kids.
Dad would have loved it… the perfect sermon illustration.

sorry i do not know how to rotate it.

4 thoughts on “the gift of laughter

  1. Loved looking at your Dad’s Bible. What a treasure that will be for years to come!! We love you guys and are praying for God’s perfect timining in everything!


  2. Thank you, Ruthi, for daily informing us of our beloved Art’s condition in words and pictures. While I a sad to think of his leaving this earth, I rejoice that he will be with my husband in heaven and they will be telling jokes and laughing. Please tell your mom I am praying for her during this time. Having been through it, I can share some of her thoughts and feelings. She is such a strong woman in the Lord and this lengthy experience will make her even stronger and the Lord will use her mightily in the lives of others. I am glad that you can be with your dad during this “waiting” time and that your mom is getting some rest. Sitting and waiting is very tiresome but it is necessary and
    God will reward your presence.

    Love and prayers,



  3. I didn’t know your dad at all, but how precious to have his Bible with all of his notes in his own handwriting. Love your blog and thank you for sharing your heart. The Lord has truly blessed you (and in turn us) with the gift of writing and photography.


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