there is celebration going on!


It is indeed with great joy and much sadness that I tell you that at 4pm today, Dad was ushered by angels into the presence of Jesus, who said, “well, done my good and faithful servant!”. He is enjoying the best New Years Eve Celebration ever!

We are overwhelmed by the grace and too many gifts to count that God poured out on us during this past week. Once I get some sleep I will be sure to share with you the beautiful details, because they were a result of your faithful prayers on our behalf. We will never be able to say thank adequately.

Now to Him who can do exceedingly more than we could ever ask or think, to Him be the glory both now and forever more!

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  1. Miriam and I are delighted that brother Art is before HIS SAVIOR at this moment. No more suffering, no more pain, … As you all cope with your personal loss and mourn his departure, we will be interceding for much Comfort in the Lord. Thank you again, for sharing! We wish you and all your family a HAPPY NEW YEAR as you remember the joyous moments with Art and give Glory to our Savior and Redeemer!

  2. Sending all of the family our love. Uncle Art was a bright light that will continue to shine down on us all. Wishing you comfort and peace. Love, Kelly

  3. I can’t wrap my head around the celebration that is taking place in heaven tonight! JOY! is the only word I can use.
    Your honored friend, Robert

  4. Praise God from whom all blessings flow! In Jesus Christ death is a release from the trappings of this body into everlasting health, joy, happiness and praise. Please don’t look at the Christmas holidays with sadness….think of your loved one’s release from his trappings to all the glories in paradise with the Lord. That’s how I got through my own father’s home going. It sure helps to know where they are! Remember that Brother Art does not want to come back.

    Prayers and love to all of you,

    Diane and Jay Adelstone

  5. Ruthie and Evy,
    I have read your blog earnestly, especially the past 2 weeks. I want to tell you a couple of things.
    I have kept one of your newsletters on my frig for I know over a year to remind myself to always pray for you. Your prayer card has been by my desk. In reading the passages of Art’s Bible, such wisdom and oh, the feeling you get when you read it. I remember when Art lived with us a few days each week when he was finishing his schooling at Trinity, and I remember him always only using a certain pen to write in his Bible. That always made an impression on me.
    I was talking to Barry about Art this week. In one of our conversations we talked about how Art had completely changed our lives and ministry. That our work at Trinity would probably have never happened, and all the ministry we are in, would never have happened if not for Art. I think of him now in heaven, and I think of my dad seeding him and smiling. My dad loved Art.

    Evy, I love you. What an example of a woman, wife and mother you are. I have always admired you.

    Ruthie, thank you for a place for us to know your thoughts, how you have shared your family, and your love for family.
    Janice Banther

  6. Can you imagine the greetings in eternity — from the Lord Jesus and from so many Wayanas! And our thoughts and prayers are with you.
    Muggs and Janie Jones
    Columbia, SC

  7. Evy, Ruthie, and family, thank you so much for including all of us in this time of Art’s illness and homegoing. He finished this year, and began a new life with Jesus in the New Year. We will continue to pray for you all during the
    coming weeks and months as you adapt to this new chapter of your lives. There is much joy to know he is safe and well with Jesus, but I can’t imagine the loss you have been dealing with, all this time, of the
    passionate, eloquent, funny, and alwalys humble man that was Art. I came across some tapes from one of his visits to Trinity Methodist in Conneaut Lake, Pa, the other day, and we remember so much he taught us in his unique style, including his “bunny trails”. How blessed you all are to have been his family, and how blessed we all are to have called him Friend. With Prayers for Peace, and Comfort, Russ and Sharon Kovac, Tempe, Arizona

  8. It was a joy and pleasure to know Art. He was a big influence on my life and is part of the reason that I serve overseas. I’m so thankful that he is with his Saviour right now. My heart goes out to you and the family as you miss him for this fleeting time before you see him again.
    with love,
    Laura (Hauter) Porter

  9. It was already the new year here in the Philippines when Art left his body and entered heaven. The local celebrations were accompanied with loud firecrackers and bright firework displays and the air was filled with smoke. But when Art entered heaven, there was music and singing and joy. Nobody had to push him in his wheelchair. I wonder, did he fly or dance? What a wonderful way to begin the new year, actually his new life. We look forward to the day when we can join him in heaven to celebrate with him God’s gift of eternal life, free from the curse of sin. In the meantime we live and work and share the good news so that others will come to share this same joy. This was the motivation of Art’s missionary heart. We thank God for this missionary champion. Albert & Janet Ehmann, Manila, Philippines

  10. Mike & I join many, many people in celebrating Art’s life on this earth. He and Evy were a great influence on our lives. So glad we’ll see him again in heaven one day. He can introduce us all to the many who came to faith through his years of faithful ministry. Our love to your family, Ruthi, and please give your mom a hug from us.

  11. Dear Aunt Evy, Ruthi and Family ~

    With mixed emotions of sadness and concern for you, we also share in your joy that Uncle Art is now Home!! We will continue to pray for you as you so clearly communicate by your faith, the love and trustworthiness of our God… “He will cover you with his feathers. He will shelter you with his wings. His faithful promises are your armor and protection.” Ps. 91:4

    Rick, Tricia, Stephen and Grace Linnaea

  12. Dear Evy, Ruthie, and family, the first words I read this morning was “there is celebration going on” and I was reminded of the verse you posted yesterday that stayed so planted in my heart, “precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of his saints.” This brought me to another verse that says, “Even in darkness light dawns for the upright, for the gracious and compassionate and righteous man,” Ps 112:4. How beautiful and awesome that Art has walked into that preciousness and light with his Savior, being ushered into the beauty of the Father.
    Thank you so very much for sharing such intimate words of hope with us over these last weeks. Our rejoicing for Art is full and we will continue to speak with Papa for all of you as you travel a new road in this very brand new year.
    Masike ëpëkëhe Kanuja wëtujai, Kanïmnanomkom wëtujai, Kumïtïnkom Jeisu Këlaisu wëtujai,pïnapophak ëwenetopkome, ëhelekaptëla ëwïtopkome, huwa. Kan man Kunelaimakome esike. Ïu wai Jani

  13. Dear Evy, Ruthie & family.
    Our deepest condole ses to you all at the passing away to Glory of Art your husband and father or grand father. He ran a good race and was able to serve his Lord and Saviour Jesus Christ. We pray for your loss but be encouraged that He is in Heaven in God’s presence enjoying and worshipping Him. We are praying for you.
    With best wishes.
    from Gangadin & Julie Hannoe.

  14. Evy – Ruthi & Family, So Happy for Art but our hearts & deepest sympathies go out to you all. We will join many others who will miss Art but we are rejoicing that he’s in a much better & happy place- Heaven!! What a joy for us to be able to Know where our loved ones are at this time & that we Will see them again – Rejoicing in Heaven!! Ours thoughts & prayers are with your family.
    Love, Emily – Tom & Ann Jelks

  15. Ruthi, I’d like to think that our Caleb welcomed your Dad home yesterday! What sadness you must feel in the midst of your “celebration”. Knowing he is now well and with His Savior will give you much peace of mind, but I also know the grief of his absence will be with you. I pray you would all know the comfort that only the Spirit can give and that you would hang on to that hope that one day you will all be reunited to truly celebrate for eternity. Love you much!

  16. Evy, Ruthi, and Family…

    The sights, sounds, fellowship, colors, and realities of Heaven are his to behold. I have always felt that each believer receives a welcoming party…who would there, how many, and what would be said?…Wow! Art has brought so many into a personal relationship with Jesus Christ. His influence is beyond what we can describe. In behalf of our entire Trinity College of Florida Family, we stand in prayer support during these days. May all sense a ‘lift’ and empowerment of the Holy Spirit. Art has received his W.D. Degree…Well Done!

  17. Ruthi, Because of your wonderful blog…I feel like I knew your remarkable father! You have touched all of us as much as your father touched so many people. Thanks for sharing him with us and prayers are with you and your family as you tackle the days ahead!
    Love Nancy

  18. Dear Evy and Ruthie,

    Although you know that Art/your father has no limits anymore and he sees his Lord, you will miss him and that hurts. I wish you His comforting presence in these days.

    With you in prayer,


  19. So happy for your dad Ruthie! Now it will be a matter of time until you get to sit with him face to face and chat. In the meantime, I’m sure Randy has tracked him down up there as he really enjoyed your dad. I keep wishing there could be a direct call to heaven, that is, to the people that have gone before us! Here we remain taking care of the unfinished business. Praying for that phenomenal peace to be with you and your family during this time.

  20. Dear Evy and Ruthie, Thanks for keeping us up-dated on Art’s health issues. Words cannot express what a blessing he was to both of us. For more than 50 years we have prayed for you and have rejoiced in the blessing of God upon your special ministry. How good to know this is not finality, but is only another movement in God’s great drama of redemption. The “shout” will come one day and we shall all be joined together in a triumphant reunion in the courts of glory. May the promises of God be of special comfort to you during the coming days. Our parting words of yesteryears were “shoot straight” – how blessed it is to know that our dear friend, Art, was a straight shooter! God bless you Evy and Ruthie as you continue to live in the light of eternity. We love you! Keith and Yvonne Davey – Chesapeake, Virginia John 14:1-6

  21. Dear Evy and Ruthi,

    Just read about Art’s homegoing on my laptop over here in Japan. It is 11:30 AM on Jan 2 over here. We rejoice with you that he went quietly and now is happy in the presence of his Lord and Savior. What great rejoicing that must be. Know you are both exhausted but trust the Lord for extra strength for the funeral. Our prayers are with you. In His love, George, Ellen and Ruth King

  22. Dear Aunt Evy and Ruthie,
    Wow. Praise the Lord that Uncle Art isn’t suffering anymore! We have been praying for you during these difficult days and months. He is finally rejoicing in the presence of our Lord and Savior whom he served all his life.
    I am imagining the wonderful sweet reunion he, Dad and Mom (Claude & Barbara Leavitt) are having right now in heaven! Praise God for the HOPE we have because of Christ’s resurrection!
    Be assured of our prayers and love as your have many details to take care of right now.
    We love you!

  23. Ruthi & Evy,
    I first visited your blog when I received one of Evy’s mission letter updates. I immediately joined so I could get your updates on your parents for our church, Grace Community in Angier, NC, to pray for them. I was drawn to the blog daily to see your pictures & family updates. I feel like I know you all personally. What a beautiful family who so purely reflects Christ! Thank you for sharing personally with us Art’s journey and yours with him. I just have been so blessed by the faith of you & your Mom. I want you to know that our entire congregation prayed for you aloud during worship. As our youth pastor, Shaun Cross, began preaching, he said, ” Art Yohner is worshipping Jesus in His presence and celebrating the fruit of the Gospel he shared on this Earth, for that was his mission for his lifetime.” Shaun was preaching about our mission- to share the Gospel (Col 1:3-14). And what better examples than your Mom & Dad. It is overwhelmingly wonderful to think of God’s perfect timing and plan in your lives! I know He has been with you through this long difficult good bye and He will continue to carry you & give you the gift of sweet memories of your Dad. Know that you and your mom and fily are loved by so many you’ve never met & we are praying for you. May you be comforted & strengthened by the power of the Holy Spirit as you praise God & rejoice as you remember your Dad. We love you all and thank God for you! Please share with sweet Evy.
    In the love of Christ,
    Keisha Culbreth
    Children’s Ministry Director & Secretary
    Grace Community Church
    Angier, NC

  24. We rejoice with dear Art basking in the presence of the Lord he loves and has served so faithfully! Fully aware of all that is going on around him, now, he can truly experience the “fullness of joy” that is found at God’s right hand forevermore! But we know the toll this is taking on all of you who miss him so and have been through so much. Please be assured of our prayers. With love,
    Les and Mary Anne Harris

  25. Evy & Ruthi,

    We are saddened by the passing of Art a wonderful and faithful friend of Carmichael Bible.

    Art has touched the hearts of the saints of Carmichael in so many ways through his teaching and generous giving to the ministry. He showed us the true meaning of missions by practicing what he wrote and taught. We have many pleasant memories of the fellowship times with both he and Evy, visiting Carmichael Bible to minister at our missions conferences, spending a weekend to make a financial contribution to the church’s building fund and receiving copies of His Missions Ministry International newsletter with updates of his work, lecture series and insightful words.

    Carmichael indeed has been richly blessed by Art’s support over the years. We have a testimony of the manifestation of God’s grace through Art. We have been able to complete the development of our administrative and classroom block, meeting and Sunday School rooms where the children can now comfortably sit and be taught the Word and a sound room.

    We thank the Lord for laying Carmichael on Art’s heart as a Missions project to manifest His glory and lead persons to Him. He planted a seed that is bearing fruit. The ministry at Carmichael is growing, there is a new generation of worshippers and we want you to know Art’s work is instrumental to the changes.

    We will forever remember his contribution and pray God’s richest blessing on you and the family. We will continue to lift you up in prayer.

    Pastor, Officers & Members of Carmichael Bible Church

  26. Thank you for taking the time to share of this celebration. We will be praying for your precious Mom & all your family since,though we celebrate, the reality of missing that wonderful man that you’ve had here on earth for so long, is going to be tough. Especially for Evy. Love to all of you. Please let us know of the “earthly celebration” date…we want to be there! Just as so many also say, Art & Evy were used of God in our lives tremendously! What a Spiritual giant, Missionary statesman, great husband, Father, Grandfather and fisher of men. One of the kindest men I knew!
    Sam & Kathie

  27. Ruthie,
    On behalf of Mom (Helen Fesmire) and Gary and I, we send our sympathy at your loss but also our joy at the immense joy your dad is experiencing now in Glory, greeting His Father and many saints he has known or will meet for the first time. I know Mom and Dad always appreciated your parents’ friendship and fellowship, and encouragement in many ways. I’m guessing our dads have had a conversation by now!

  28. Ruthie, & Evy, we are so sorry for your great loss, and we also rejoice that Art is whole and well in Heaven. What comfort! We were out of town at my sister’s and away from computer, but heard through my sister’s email from A.N. that the time was near. You have been in my thoughts and prayers.

  29. Dear Ruthi and Aunt Evy,
    Praise God for his faithfulness through these last days of Uncle Art’s time on this earth, and for the joy of knowing he is accepted into heaven through his faith in Christ! I am so grateful for Ruthi sharing these times through her blog. Praying for God’s peace, comfort and strength. God bless you for your faithful care to your father and husband! Anita Plett Carey

  30. You have all been in our hearts and prayers, especially this past week. Just back on my emails and receiving your glorious and tender news today. We can only imagine Art’s joys complete in his faithful homegoing with our beloved Savior, Jesus Christ. I can picture Art taking our Savior’s hand and entering Heaven, greeted by thousands with lives turned to the Lord by his faithful service to his precious Savior. Blessed, blessed Savior, His love forever true…redeemed, renewed, rejoicing, always, forever new! Rejoicing with you for Art’s promotion to Heaven; praying for your continued strength and peace as you rest in and serve the Lord.

  31. Good and faithful servant. That fact belongs to few these days. It is so true of our brother Art. I sat in his dozens of nights as he planned mens mission retreats and he and Evies ministry. Always the needs of others came before theirs, always! My heart aches with the lose of his presence, but rejoices about his presence with the lord he served ever faithfully.There are many more wonderful thoughts of Art in my mind and heart, but I lack the vocabulary to express them

  32. Our love and prayers. Heaven seems closer today than yesterday. One of His trophys has arrived at home. Blessed be the Name that he loved…

  33. Dear Evy and Ruthi & Mark,

    What a beautiful legacy of servanthood and love Art left for those of us who knew him! Your time in Suriname was not easy, but the fruit from your efforts will live on through the many Wayana converts. The Men’s Mission Retreats were also such encouraging and challenging experiences; it was a blessing to be involved in them for several years. I can’t tell you how much I learned from him over the years. And I especially appreciated Art’s being with me (and Harry and Clayt) in Russia. He made a real impact on the teams there.

    We will continue to pray for you, Evy, and ask the Lord to continue His rich blessings for you as you cared for and loved Art faithfully for over fifty years.

    In Him who is faithful,
    Hod and Louise Getz

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