a day touched by kindness

Has it been a month already? “Better is one day in your house than a thousand elsewhere” is what Dad is singing I am sure! We are doing fine… walking through the process of grief. Sometimes we are surprised by the lack of tears and others times we are surprised by how freely and unexpectantly they flow! Trying to live Ann Voskamp’s words… “There’s only one address anyone lives at and it’s always a duplex: Joy and pain always co-habit every season of life. Accept them both and keep company with the joy while the pain does it’s necessary renovations.”

Instead of trying to pick a few photos to upload to this place, I decided to throw them all in a slide show and add some of the music from Dad’s Celebration of Life. The first song is by Selah, the 2nd song is a recording of Doug and Candy Gintz singing Come to Jesus at Dad’s service (a last-minute song choice and oh so PERFECT!) and the 3rd song is Amy Grant.

I am very thankful that Kirstin Shontere and Ron Bernard captured so many wonderful memories for us that day.  THANK YOU!

Our hearts are still so full of gratitude for everyone who participated in the celebration. THANK YOU! … to those of you whose spoken words of tribute to Dad honored him, comforted us and glorified God… to those who served with meals and flowers and housing and transportation… and to those of you who were just there with a smile across the room or with a hug around the neck or a simple word. You have loved us well and your kindness madethe day so beautiful!

Just a little something to tell those of you who were not at the graveside service… Somewhere we had heard about releasing doves and we decided that it would be inspiring, meaningful and beautiful. And it was!! We chose the “Trinity release”. Amber, Veronica and I released three doves together representing the Holy Trinity. They hovered overhead until I released one single dove representing Dad and then they flew off together.  And the song (Come to Jesus) Doug and Candy sang at the end of the service at the church, fit perfectly with the photos of the doves in this slideshow. It is beauitful. You will see…

I have much more I want to share, but life is full to overflowing… I am scurrying around getting ready to leave in the morning to celebrate yet another life… that of a sweet baby girl who is about to bring new life into our family. Your prayers are so appreciated!

May you be blessed and inspired to “Live Jesus”.

I am including an audio recording of the service below:

It is 1 hour and 45 minutes long, includes prelude and postlude music. Here is the order of service in case you want to know who is speaking.

Music Prelude
Welcome & Prayer, Pastor Rick Speece
Mark & Ruth DeJong | Slideshow
Don’t Cry For Me, Bob Thompson
Sharing of Memories:
Barry Banther
Alex Thompson
Miller Alloway
Oh That Will Be Glory For Me, #769
Jonathan Watson
Ken Moon
Lean On Me, Doug & Candy Gintz
Rev. Don Hubbard
It is Well With My Soul, #705
Closing Prayer,  Pastor Rick Speece
Come to Jesus, Doug & Candy Gintz
Laura Tingle on piano

9 thoughts on “a day touched by kindness

  1. Ruthi, my heart overflows as do my eye as I watch this beautiful tribute to your dad and the music
    swells my soul in gratitude for honor of knowing your parents. Thanks so much for doing this tribute; he would be so very proud of you as he always was. Love and thanksgiving, Barb


  2. You are blessed to have such a wonderful father and he is so blessed to have you! What an honor to photograph such a precious event. I was inspired to have been there. The spirit of Jesus was so present and sweet.


  3. Thanks Ruthi for posting. I hope to have time soon to listen to the service, but so enjoyed the slide show and songs, especially “Fly to Jesus”. Appreciate you sharing! Anita


  4. Ok now I am really a mess! The tears flow freely as I remember a special man and realize how blessed I am with my family, meaning ya’ll and us’ins, God is truley good!!


  5. What a Beautiful tribute to a Wonderful man. Thank you for sharing the slide show & service here for those of us that wanted to but could not attend. My parents and I will Always remember Art with lots of fond memories. We will also keep Evy, Ruthi & your whole family in our thoughts & prayers.


  6. What a Beautiful tribute to a wonderful man. Thank you for sharing the slide show & service for those of us who wanted to but were unable to attend. My parents and I will Always remember Art with very happy & fond memories. We will also keep Evy, Ruthi & your whole family in our thoughts & prayers.


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