Evelyn Elizabeth

Evelyn Elizabeth Jacobs

February 8, 2012
7 pounds 5 ounces, 19.75 inches

Evelyn Elizabeth…
named after her great-Grandma Evy and her Mimi Beth.

In Hebrew Evelyn means “life” and Elizabeth means “God’s promise”.

Isn’t that amazing considering the recent road we have traveled?!

God continues to show Himself faithful to His promises
as He pours out His love on us.

At times I am just plain overwhelmed.

Excuse me please while I go snuggle with a little angel fresh from God.

10 thoughts on “Evelyn Elizabeth

  1. She is beautiful and so snuggable! I feel so honored to have a great grand daughter named after me. My love to Amber, Jesse, Jaxson and little Evelyn Elizabeth!! Thank you Ruthi for sharing pictures from afar. Mom


  2. Ruthi– These treasured times are like unmatched pearls strung together as a child’s school Valentine’s gift, all the more beautiful for their difference, and the hands that fashioned them. Enjoy your sweet time, my friend.


  3. May the Lord shine down upon you, to light the path that He leads…in all that you do, may you know Him, in spirit, kindness and deeds! Welcome to your world of love! I can imagine your great grandfather, Art, encouraging you on your way and praying for a wonderful life for you!! Happy BIRTHday! Darlene and Mike Bodnar, Tampa, FL


  4. What a beautiful gift from God; enjoy every moment as she will grow to be a pre-teen much too soon. Love her name! It’s beautiful and gives honor to her great grandmother and grandmother.
    Praying all will quickly settle in and enjoy this newest family member.


  5. She is BEAUTIFUL!!!! I am sooooo happy for all of you! How awesome that she is named after your mom…could not have picked a more beautiful name…or a more beautiful person to name her after. ENJOY, ENJOY, ENJOY! Looking forward to seeing all your pictures. Keeping you all in my thoughts and prayers! I will let everyone know the good news at Westminister.


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