my wish

Life is flying by, leaving little time to come here and type out words. But today, the first day of March is always a VERY SPECIAL DAY. Thirty years ago God blessed our family with a blue-eyed blonde haired beauty we named Veronica Joy.

Veronica, last year on your birthday we celebrated the wonderful news that you and Mike were expecting! And now this year, our lives have been blessed with the gift of Joshua.

I love watching you embrace motherhood… to see your love grow. I admire your quiet strength, your generosity of spirit, and your kindness. You are a bright shining star, lighting up a room with your smile. You bring joy to my heart.

My wish for you is that the year ahead be filled to overflowing with God’s good gifts. And may you find peace and joy in the stillness of knowing His love for you.

I love you so.

4 thoughts on “my wish

  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY VERONICA! We have been blessed by you since your birth day. You were a beautiful giggly baby and an adored sister. I loved to watch you and Amber play together. You are a joy to all of us. Your TLC towards your grandpa was a blessing and encouragement to me.

    You are blessed with loving and wise parents who desire the best for you in life.
    You are blessed with a loving and kind husband who is fun to be with.
    You are blessed with a precious baby boy, the longing and desire of your heart.
    You are blessed with a Christian heritage and God who loves and cares for you.

    Here I am counting your blessings for you. I try to daily count my blessings and you are one of them! God continue to richly bless you with the things that truely count in this life and forever!
    Love, Grams


    1. Gramma- Thanks for such a lovely note. I try to count my blessings everyday but a reminder is always appreciated. Sometimes things get fuzzy and it is nice to have family and friends put things in perspective. I am surely blessed to have a grandmother as special, kind and loving as you! Love you!!!


  2. Thanks for making me feel so special on my birthday! I had a wonderful day…thanks to you! I love the video…so cute and nice song choice. God has given me so many blessing over the past 30 years…but especially in the last year. I am looking forward to what the next 30 years will bring! Love you!!!


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