Joshua meets Evelyn

written by Joshua’s Mama on the day of Evelyn’s birth…

What did you say mommy? I have a new cousin?!? Is that why you put me in this outfit today?

Where is she? Can I see her?

So, this is her? What is her name? Evelyn Elizabeth…that is so pretty! Isn’t Evelyn gramma’s name too? That is so special!

I just can’t stop looking at her…she looks so tiny…why isn’t she making any sounds or movements? oh, it is just a picture…I see.

Mommy, She is so beautiful!!! When can I meet her? I want to play with her. I will even share my soft blocks with my sweet little cousin. I love her already!

7 thoughts on “Joshua meets Evelyn

  1. So adorable! You have such a wonderful way of capturing both words and pictures. Thank you for sharing this lovely time with me.


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