Evelyn meets Evelyn

Such a precious little angel, isn’t she?!

It’s been a week, but the memories still linger. Mom and I took a little road trip across the state, driving through dense Monday morning fog that hid the beautiful pasture land between here and there. We enjoyed our time together talking about this and that and before we knew it we had arrived!

Mom met her great-granddaughter and namesake, Evelyn!

Of course Jaxson wanted some lovin’ and he got it…

He showed Grams how to use an iPad…

Our time together was just a short overnight, but what a sweet gift it was for us all.

So thankful for the sunshine God has put in our lives in the form of grandchildren. They are indeed a gift from God.

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May your day be blessed.

14 thoughts on “Evelyn meets Evelyn

  1. each picture tells a story ..
    thank you to taking the time to share with us all ..
    i feel like i right there in the room with everyone !!
    special love


  2. So sweet! I love all the pictures, I love that you took the time to make it happen for your mom, and I love how beautiful are all these generations of women (and young men)!


  3. Thank you so much for sharing these beautiful pictures of your mom enjoying the new treasure in her family…a great gift from God. Blessings to all.


  4. All of the grand kids and great grand kids are the tops! What a sweet and vivacious family. I can see Brother Art’s face in this little girl! Congratulations….the world needed another Evy! Evy (grandma) looks wonderful!)


    1. I agree with you Diane. The world does need more Evelyns! And I see Dad in her face as well. Thanks for writing!


  5. Thanks for sharing…I’ve been waiting to see that little girl. Your grandchildren are absolutely BEAUTIFUL!!! It was great seeing all your faces again…just reminds me how much I miss all of you. Thank you for your thoughtful card… I know how busy you are. We will have alot to talk about when we do find some time to get together. In the meantime, know you are always in my thoughts and prayers.


  6. Ruth ,thanks-for the beautiful pictures. Evelyn and the great grand babies look wonderful. What great memories for all but especially for the children. Hope to see more soon. Everything at the work front is pretty much the same . I think about your folks quite often especially your dad. God bless you all. Rosie Rosado


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