six months!

well look who turned six months old… two weeks ago!
Sorry Joshua, Nana is still trying to catch up!
Veronica has become quite the photographer. I just love those photos of Joshua in his stylin’ tie made by my good friend, Nancy!!

Joshua is such a big bright ray of sunshine in our lives!

He has this adorable way of smiling, wrinkling up his nose and blinking all at the same time that just makes me smile. I have tried to capture it with the camera, but have not been successful.

Isn’t it amazing how much a baby grows and changes in just six months!

Our family loves him so much. What a gift!

Happy six month birthday Joshua! I love your baby blues!

4 thoughts on “six months!

  1. This is an absolutely beautiful boy! He looks like he is a very happy and contented baby. He also looks very stylish in the latest and greatest color of the year! Great taste in ties, little man!

    The whole fmaily looks wonderful!

    Diane adelstone


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