three mamas

to my three favorite Mamas…

… three beautiful women who are wise and kind and full of grace. I love you Mom. I love you Amber. I love you Veronica. Thank you for loving me.

2 thoughts on “three mamas

  1. Ruthi,

    I was blessed to think of Art’s teachings in our church, Community Bible Fellowship in El Paso, IL, this morning. I was looking up quotes about what the Bible says about itself… and was thinking of Art and decided to “Google” him.

    It saddens my heart AND YET STRENGTHENS ME (!) that Art has moved on to be in God’s GLORY! Please know that Art Yohner left a very intense stamp on my heart regarding scripture! If I look hard enough, I will find a compilation of scripture verses given to me by Art.

    Continue to be blessed, my sister!

    In Christ, and continuing to grow,



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