How is that possible! JAXSON IS TWO!
I really can’t keep up with these treasured rays of sunshine!

We are not able to be with him on his birthday so we did the next best thing… FaceTime! Not the best photo but it captures the memory. Now if only you could of heard Mark and I sing Happy Birthday… be glad you didnt! Horrible photo of Nana ( I will regret posting this one day), but it’s not about me is it!

We spent some time with Jaxson and his family last month helping them move into a new home.

Kingston and Jaxson are excited about the new yard!

Good photos of Jaxson are hard to come by right now. He does not like to look at the camera very often and is in constant motion… even more so when Papa is around.

Jaxson is a good big brother to his baby sister Evelyn.

{adorable tutu made by my wonderful friend, Nancy!}

Happy Birthday Buddy!

I love you so!

3 thoughts on “two?!

  1. You are so blessed. I understand how hard it is to get photos of a two year old. That will go on for a while. I was just transferring some photos of Ella this morning from an old computer to this one, and I just am so grateful for photos. Things that you think you would never forget, you do, and those precious photos help to bring it all back.


  2. how fun to see how Jaxson has grown. Wow! BTW….Evelyn’s little tutu is awefully big on her. Oh well, that just means it will last her longer. ha ha. Thanks for the pics. love ya.


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