anniversary weekend

september orchid

We celebrated our thirty-fourth anniversary this past weekend. We didn’t celebrate with anything big.  We just celebrated us and did what we enjoy. We spent time together… finished up a project, checked out the new Trader Joes, cooked a yummy celebratory meal together, enjoyed breakfast at our favorite sidewalk cafe, and ended with dinner out with family.

I have been thinking lately about something Paul Thompson said when he recently wrote about celebrating fifty years together with his wife Carol… ” If there is such a thing as a good marriage, it is because it resembles friendship rather than romance. Marriage according to movies, a romantic frolic through life, isn’t realistic nor is it sustainable, inevitably it will end in disappointment. Friendship is solid and sustainable, it’s like a rubber band, it stretches and bends and yields to pressure, but doesn’t break.”

I am thankful for a husband who has learned how to stretch and yield and bend.  Life has given him/us plenty of opportunity to learn this. It’s been a hard year… on many levels. Somewhere along the way I heard that blessed are the flexible for they shall not be bent out of shape. I think Mark gets that. And I am one very appreciative wife.

Happy anniversary Babe! You are still my Superhero and best friend!

34th anniversary


18 thoughts on “anniversary weekend

  1. Congratulations! Enjoy each day together even if you have to yield and bend…it’s worth all the effort. That was the last number Hal and I celebrated so it’s special to me.


    1. thank you Barb for the reminder. and I am sorry that your time together here on earth was cut short. thankful you have memories and a hope. blessings to you!


  2. We just discovered your newest entry. I haven’t spent much time on line for a while. So busy after getting back from our trip. Congratulations on your 34th Anniversary! Your picture is great. We enjoyed what you had to say very much. Our time wilh you and Mark was very special. Thanks! We love you. Dad and Mom (Sylvia) De Jong


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