happiness is a choice

{from my journal 08.01.2011}

Mark and I went shopping at the mall last month. Something we rarely do.

He later shared with me something he had observed while waiting on me as I was scanning the shoes on the shelf.

A little girl tugging on her Mama’s skirt, was asking her to buy something she held in her hand. The Mama bent down and said, “Honey, now remember what we’ve talked about… how it’s important to learn to be happy, to be content with what we already have. And remember, you choose to be happy or not.”

As the wise Mama and her little girl turned and walked away from where Mark was waiting, he noticed the Mama walked with a heavy limp.

Mark’s voice was cracking as he finished telling me the story.
I was reaching for the kleenex box.

8 thoughts on “happiness is a choice

  1. And, as we get into our 60’s, 70’s and beyond we have to practice this more and more as we are more dependent on others to help us. Thanks for this beautiful lesson from God.


  2. It’s wonderful that the Lord came so we have the ability to live a life full of joy. Some think he came to put a heavy burden on us. Not so he came to take it away. So thankful he is holding on to me so I don’t have to be the man I use to be.


    1. He is good to hold on to us and not to give us a heavy burden. learning the unforced rhythm of grace. thanks for sharing Ron!


  3. L.E.Maxwell, Principal at Prairie Bible Institute, Alberta, Canada used to say: “Be thankful and rejoice even if it’s for nothing more than that your nose is not up-side-down in a rainstorm.”


  4. What a touching example of contentment. It seems the Mama and the little girl were learning real contentment! My thought went to a verse I memorized years ago and has been a constant reminder for me to be content with what I have and every situation I find myself in. Philippians 4:11 – Not that I speak in respect of want: for I have learned, in whatsoever state I am, therewith to be content. Thank you Ruthi and Mark for sharing your “moment at the Mall” Love you, Mom


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