family weekend

October is a special month. Not only because it brings the promise of cooler weather, but because it’s birthday month for Prince Charming. And some special people were coming for the celebration! WooHoo!

Not until you are a grandparent do you understand what joy was in the air! Having the “grand trio” aka Prince Charming, Sweet Pea and Cool Dude, and their parents in the house was the best!

There were lots of friends who came to celebrate as well. Still can’t believe there were nine children under three!

After the party we made a trip to the pumpkin patch.

The next morning came too quick. Someone was a bit sad to be leaving…

as was his Nana and Papa. Parting is such sweet sorrow…

It was a wonderful weekend. I did not get my tinsel in a tangle and my heart is full!

10 thoughts on “family weekend

  1. What fun. I can not stop smiling as I look at your photos. I didn’t realize that Prince Charming has his mother’s red hair. And, of course, Amber’s two are gorgeous beyond words. You are blessed, indeed. I’m so glad your mom gets to enjoy all the festivities, as well.


    1. yes what fun! Prince Charming has so many of his beautiful mama’s features and his daddy’s fun loving personality 🙂 I am so thankful for three beautiful healthy grandchildren. 🙂 thanks Bev!


  2. always a blessing … and .. always a treat .. to peak in through the windows of the DeJong household..thank you so much for sharing … love and blessings to all …jackie oxoxo


    1. thanks Jackie – just remember that when you peek through the windows you will see slobber and drool 🙂 Our lives are a beautiful mess. We thank God for the pain and the blessings.


  3. Thank you Ruthi so much for sharing, your pictures make one feel like we were there. What a blessing to have everyone together.


  4. Thanks Ruthi. Seeing the pictures was next best to being there. Sorry we missed it, but so glad for the time we were able to spend with you all in September. We were able to celebrate family in September. We love you.


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