Autumn in Aberdeen

Mom and I recently enjoyed a trip north to surprise her sister and brother-in-law for their 50th anniversary celebration. My cousins did a fabulous job with the party and pulled off the surprise perfectly! Being Floridians, Mom and I could not get enough of the gorgeous fall color or the dry cool air. A girls road trip touring Amish country was delightful… we even had ice cream for lunch! Grateful for this time away.

10 thoughts on “Autumn in Aberdeen

    1. thank you so much! It is one of my favortites too 🙂
      I visited your blog and love it.
      Our trip to Amsterdam to visit relatives was most memorable!


  1. I, too, love the swing photo. They are all great. I had ice cream in Strasbourg, too, back when David was at Penn State. Shirley Walbridge and I met him there to shop at the outlet mall, and then after he left, we did some sightseeing around and visited Strasbourg and went to see the production of Noah.


    1. i think the swing photo will make my 2013 calendar for sure 🙂 We talked about the Noah production. Wish we had more time to take it in. We drove right by it.


  2. Beautiful photographs! It was a joy to browse through them. So nice that your mom could be there for her sister and bro-in-laws anniversary. Thanks for sharing the pictures in this way. We enjoyed them so much.


    1. Autumn is such a beautiful time of year, especially where the leaves turn! The timing of our trip was perfect, as the next weekend Storm Sandy stripped all the leaves off the trees.


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