kings family farm

Sunday was a glorious day… a day of rest… breathing in the cool Florida autumn weather and the gifts God has created for us. Kings Family Farm hosted the National Food Day on their beautiful property. We enjoyed a fabulous lunch under the oak trees, took an informative hayride tour around the farm with Ben King, listened to live music, got educated a bit on beekeeping, chicken raising, gardening and all things sustainable. And what fun it was to watch Prince Charming toddle around discovering hay, dirt, sticks, and farm animals.

For the past two years we have cherished the 15 minute drive to the “country” to purchase Kings farm produce. Loved that they practiced organic farming and partnered with others in the community to provide well rounded food fare for us… grass fed beef from Windgate Farms, jams made by Station 400 from Kings’ peaches and blueberries, milk from Daikin Dairy, etc.

But more than the produce and flowers,  I love the place… the animals… the property… the people… the Light. I have often told Shelby King that it is a place where my soul could breathe, a place of Light in the community… something special. My camera and I have captured some wonderful memories and I am thankful for the times spent on the farm… a gift.

Each visit to Kings brought a smile to our face because of this guy…

Unfortunately Kings Farm Produce Market will not be open this year. They can’t compete with Walmart’s produce which is grown overseas with little regulation and cheap labor. I am willing to pay more, but I am just one person. Food in America is an important issue… for our economy, for our health… but I won’t get started on that right now.

I am excited about what’s ahead for Kings as they open up their farm as a venue for weddings, field trips, parties, reunions and get togethers. May God bless you King family as you continue to share what God has given you with others.

If interested in reading more about Food Day at Kings Farm check out this article in the Bradenton Herald. You might recognize a few people! Channel 7 interviewed Mike as well, but not sure if it aired.

6 thoughts on “kings family farm

  1. beautiful pictures ..
    wonderful memories ..
    love reading your words ..
    they are like a visit with you ..

    blessings to you my dear sister


  2. We enjoyed your wonderful farm and family pictures. We almost felt like we were there with you. It looks like you had a great time together. I recall you talking a lot about this farm. So sorry they won’t have the farm stand any longer. Hope you can still get some organic veggies from them. Your pictures at the end were hilarious. It took us a minute to realize those funny looking people were your family. We had a good laugh.


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