happy birthday times two

Well hello there! It’s been awhile, once again. Life is just humming along and we are trying to keep up! Last month our family celebrated a very special birthday. Evelyn turned one!

Forgive me Evelyn for being so late in putting this together. Even when you were born, Nana did not create a slideshow just for you. You had to share it with your brother and cousin. Guess it’s just the way it goes being the third grandbaby. But oh what joy you have brought our family… your sweetness, your beautiful eyes just like your Daddy’s, and all the pretty things that being a girl brings. As it turns out, today… the day I am finally ready to share your very own slideshow, is your Daddy’s birthday. I think that’s perfect. Because you LOVE your Daddy and he loves you!

jesse and evelyn

jesse and evelyn

I am grateful that my granddaughter’s father loves her so much, takes his role of leading his family seriously and is an engaged father. Thank you Jesse and Happy Birthday! May God be with you and bless you with His grace and strength.

And here, finally, is your slideshow. Happy Birthday sweet Evelyn! I love you so!

6 thoughts on “happy birthday times two

  1. Thank you, Ruthi, for sharing this love and your work. Evelyn is adorable; girls are so different and special but boys steal one’s heart, too. Hope your mom is doing well. Love to all, Barb


  2. beautiful beautiful beautiful !!!
    yet another wonderful record of such a special year in this precious little life ..
    thank you for sharing it with us all ..
    blessings upon blessings


  3. HAPPY BIRTHDAY JESSE! Thank you for being a special Daddy to your two precious little ones. Give them a hug from Grammy Evy RUTHI, you always capture the year so beautifully!!!


  4. OMG …Evelyn is one of the most beautiful babies I have ever seen TRULY!!! Although, all three of your grandbabies are just precious…forgive me for not remembering exactly, but didn’t you tell me you are expecting another baby? Thank you for sharing these beautiful pics…I can’t tell you how I enjoy looking at them…they are soooooooo beautiful. Life is so hectic and I get so sad not seeing all of you anymore…it makes me feel happy when I look at your pics. I will never forget all of you…I think of you all the time…and always thankful for the blessing of knowing you. I just wish we both had more time to see each other. Please give my love to your mom…I know she keeps herself busy too…always helping others…she is amazing!


  5. Ruthi, What a very special tribute to your granddaughter!! BEAUTIFUL!! The choice in songs was perfect. I love love that Lullaby song… I’ve got to remember that one. Evelyn is beautiful just like her mother and her grandmother! 🙂 I love that sweet round face! You did a fantastic job with this!


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