February 2013

a boy and a bouquet



prince charming

with the grands

evelyn's collage

laughing with papa

Grammy Evy

dogs by the fire

sweet pea

V's bday

helping papa


cool dude

baby girl reveal

baby girl reveal

Yes, it’s the middle of May but better late than never I suppose. February, the month of love, was truly that for our family. We spent TWO weekends together! Cool Dude, Prince Charming and Sweet Pea sure do bring us much love and joy. They are growing so very fast! We celebrated both Evelyn’s and Veronica’s birthday. Birthdays are a gift… the gift of another year to love those we hold dear.

February brought us lovely weather too. On the cool side for Florida, so a fire on the patio was a nice place to be. The dogs especially liked to snuggle up to the heat. I love to enjoy our beautiful west coast weather with walks around the beautiful property of the Ringling Museum, through the banyan trees, rose garden and along the bay.

Poor Max injured his leg. Surgery was suggested but not an option at the time. He has good days and bad days. These four-legged creatures sure do find their way into your heart. Hoping he has many more years with us.

February brought VERY EXCITING NEWS to our family. Prince Charming is going to have a baby SISTER!!!! We are so excited… two boys and two girls! Can’t get much better than that. Praying for sweet baby girl as God grows her there inside her mama’s womb, warm and protected.

Praise be to God and blessings to you all.

4 thoughts on “February 2013

  1. Ruthi, it was so wonderful to hear from you and see all your beautiful pictures, especially those of the family. Your mom looks great and the children are growing so quickly it’s hard to believe…time passes so quickly. We are excited about having a new 6 mo. old beagle/terrier puppy as well as one more week of school. Life seems to be fuller than ever but I’m enjoying feeling pretty well and able to be involved.

    Please give your mom my best.

    Thanks for making this such a joyful afternoon,



  2. How wonderful to see all these photos of your fabulous family, and also wonderful to see you this morning and touch base with you about everyone. Looking forward to coffee soon.


  3. Ruthi, your pictures are always beautiful! Memories of good times. It is so much fun to watch the grandkids playing together. I cherish every minute of it. Hi Barb, it is so sweet of you to keep in touch this way. You are a great encouragement! Love, Mom/Evy


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