two parties in may

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May was another beautiful month. In more ways than one. We celebrated Jaxson’s birthday one day. Still can’t believe he is three! And celebrated with a Baby Girl shower the next day! It was a fun-filled weekend for sure. One day we were surrounded by monster trucks and red and blue. And the next day there was pink! We played and cuddled and read books, walked along the river and were completely entertained by Cool Dude, Prince Charming and Sweet Pea. God is so good to give us family and time to be together.

Tomorrow is Fathers Day. I miss Dad. He was special… one of a kind. Wish I had told him that more than I did. So do me a favor, if you still have your father around, be sure to tell him what is in your heart.

4 thoughts on “two parties in may

  1. So enjoyed all the pictures of your beautiful family. Your mom looks great. I, too, wish I had told my dad more often how much I thought of him…what a kind, loving, funny man…much like your dad.


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