miss him.


miss him. his compassion, his humor, his deep love of Jesus, the way he walked his talk. wish he was still here. wish I had learned more from him. miss him.

14 thoughts on “miss him.

  1. He always looked at others needs and hurts. His desire was to be like Jesus. He was a great example of Gods grace to me.


  2. I miss him too Luti. I sure enjoyed my Surinam years with your folks. Please give my love to your mom. Klasien


  3. Ruthi, I know you miss him today. Your dad seemed like such a fun person to have in your life. When are you going to make that book with all the quotes from his Bible? I would still love to read it!


  4. Hi Ruthi, we are friends of your parents from Bayside in Tampa. I miss your dad too! The things you mentioned that you miss are qualities that have blessed so many people through the years, including me. I did not see my own father for nearly 30 years, and yesterday, via phone, he was saying his goodbyes after fighting cancer for five years. Praise the Lord that he reaffirmed his faith in Christ, and heard me assure him that one day we would be together forever in Heaven because of our faith in Christ. Family illnesses in Florida keep me here, although I would love to travel to NY to see him again…God knows our future, keeps us close to Him, and reminds us through good people like you and your family, how he plants His seeds of faith through others to help so many on their journey. One day you will hug your dad again….forever and ever…..


    1. thanks Darlene for your words. Wow! to reconnect with your dad after so long is a gift. Isn’t God good to give us the Hope of eternity.


  5. WE miss him too, he was such a hoot. loved his sense of humor and we miss those great messages from him. We will never have another keynoter that can speak with such power and humor at the same time. We were priviledged to work with him for a short time in ministry.


  6. There is no one else like that ATI. I loved your daddy and I love your momma. Wonderful lovers of Jesus they are. And now your daddy is in the presence of our Savior praising Jesus with my daddy. I think they may be having some great theological discussions too.


  7. I think of him often and with each thought comes a smile…God’s best to his legacy through his wife and his daughter and family.


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