the holidays {2013}

Thanksgiving brought us beautiful cool weather as we gathered with friends and family around the table and gave thanks for God’s abundant blessings.

We enjoyed a nice early morning drive across the state and spent the weekend before Christmas with Cool Dude, Sweet Pea and their parents. Could not get enough of them and the weekend flew by, but we left with our hearts full. So thankful we are able to spend time with those we love.

The celebrating continued when we returned home. Grammy Evy’s birthday is the day before Christmas, which makes it all the more special. This year she had help with opening her gifts. Family photos are a challenge right now because Prince Charming does not like it. Our trick is to use a remote with the camera, telling him to blow and then the camera flashes. He thinks it’s hilarious, as you can see. We still had to go through dozens of tries before we got one of family that made the cut. Haha! Our Christmas was quiet and simple and I like it that way. Less is more… except the less family part. My tinsel only got a tiny bit tangled this year. I’m learning… slow but sure.

Encourage each other!

Trying something new with my photos. If you run your mouse over each photo a little caption with pop up. And if there is an advertisement below (video), it is WordPress’s doings not mine. Just so you know…

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