the kindness of others

Got a bee in my bonnet around the beginning of October to host an open house in December. A festive time where friends could gather and do a little Christmas shopping, offering some handmade items for sale in addition to my calendar and notecards that I create each year. For about six weeks there was no time to sit around. Either the sewing machine was humming, the photo printer was sliding out sheets of photos or paint was being brushed. It was work, but the kind of work that feeds my soul. The Husband, bless his heart, was right there with me. I do not think he ever wants to make another yardstick star! I had amazing support and cheerleading from a Sister-Friend who believed in me. And a Daughter and Mom who helped wherever needed. I woke up the morning after with a full heart; full to overflowing with the kindness of those who came and supported my little idea. Yes, my first ever open house for Ruth Naomi Designs was a success and quite rewarding in the way an entrepreneur defines it… for which I am most grateful. But more than that, I am reminded that when we invest in relationships, get down in the mess with people, live authentically, love regardless… that’s where the true reward is.

Encourage each other!

Trying something new with my photos. If you run your mouse over each photo a little caption with pop up. And if there is an advertisement below (video), it is WordPress’s doings not mine. Just so you know…

One thought on “the kindness of others

  1. How wonderful to read your blog; it brings joy to my heart. So glad your had such a successful open house and a group of friends to help. There is nothing like working together in the trenches to cement a forever friendship. May God bless you as you continue to serve Him.


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