Going Back

We have some exciting news to share . . . Mark and I are headed to Kenya! Yes we are. We will be going with his father and stepmom to help with a project similar to the one Mark worked on four years ago. This time, I am grateful that Mark will be working on the floor and not a roof. While Mark is working on the project, which you can read about below, I will be helping Sylvia with meal preparations for the work team and will also go with her as she ministers to the widows in the surrounding area. She has developed relationships with these women over the past decade and I am excited to spend time with them. This will be my first time to visit Kenya and I am grateful to be able to do so.

This trip is more than helping with a project. Our hopes are to take time to visit the community and site where Mark’s accident occurred four years ago. We covet your prayers as we prepare our hearts for what God has planned for us.

Mark wrote the letter below to share with clients and business associates about the project. We also shared it with family and friends. I thought I would include it here since it explains the purpose and hopes for the trip in, Mark’s words.


Here is the website for Interlink Ministries Inc. where you can read more about David and Sylvia De Jong’s ministry in Kenya. If you would like to partner with us financially please indicate whether it’s for the De Jong Ministries -Well Project or for De Jong Ministries – Mark & Ruth.

And if you are interested, head here to read about Mark’s last visit to Kenya.

3 thoughts on “Going Back

  1. How exciting! Be sure you have the JF Media app on your phone or i pad … and download Walking with Jesus Africa and especially Magdalena (You can do segments in addition to the whole movie) to share with the widows … Kitty can tell you more!:)

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  2. Looking forward to following you on this trip!

    Small world! I noticed Elizabeth Hicks works at the interlink mission in Apple Creek, OH. She’s the one that first taught my daughter to sew and she now runs a business for baby items out of her home. Apple Creek is very close to where my daughter lives. If you ever get close to that area let me know and I’ll make a trip to see you.


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