no place for fear

Recently I watched the live stream of a memorial service for Kim Pace, founder of BlueSky. She was someone I had only heard of, but never met. She died in a paragliding accident in Kenya a couple weeks ago. A friend sent me the link to the memorial as she was boarding her flight to Kenya to be with friends and family of Kim. What I learned about Kim and her community from watching the live stream was just what I needed at this moment in my life. I came away convicted and inspired as I prepare my heart for traveling to Kenya. If I’m honest, I confess that I have allowed some fears to creep in. I was talking with a dear friend right after I watched the live stream and confessed that fear was something I’ve obviously struggled with – just look at my previous blog posts. She asked if fear had been something I’ve always struggled with because she felt I had lived quite an adventurous life. I had to think a minute and then realized that I have really only struggled with fear over the past four years. Before that there had been losses on multiple levels. I could sit and think and try to figure it all out, which sometimes is what needs to be done. But at some point you need to pick yourself up, dust off your backside, and keep on keeping on with love, joy, and peace in your pocket and no more fear. Because Perfect Love casts out fear. Kim Pace’s life was a testimony to this and her father’s words at the end of the memorial service spoke loud and clear to me – “fear cannot stay in a person who is led by the Spirit – only power, love and a sound mind.”

My prayer as we board the plane for Kenya today is that I will go with His eyes, seeing only what He sees, His ears to hear people’s hearts as they offer their stories, and His heart to love others who can offer me nothing in return. I want to be selfless in my outlook, attitude, and actions. I want my comfort and desires to be secondary. I want to be peacefully present. Thank you dear friends and family who are standing beside us. We know the Lord goes with us.

God has not given us the spirit of fear; but of power, and of love, and of a sound mind. 2 Timothy 1:7

5 thoughts on “no place for fear

    1. Thanks Ruthi, This is something I struggle with too. I am traveling to Ca. in a few weeks to see my grands, and my first instinct was to be fearful, but I know in my heart that I am in Gods hands no matter where I am. I will be praying that our eyes will stay focused on truth. Thanks for your honesty!


  1. Love your honesty, once again, Ruthi! May you experience His presence and peace, just like you are desiring and asking for… we know He will be faithful. Your example motivates me and as we share our real needs, as appropriate, we enter more into community and our faith is strengthened as we experience His work in our lives and watch His work in others. Praying for you and Mark this week!


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