the love of quotes

Dad and I share a love for quotes. The front and back of his Bible are brimming with them.


His conversations and messages were peppered with quotes that encouraged and challenged the listener.


He’s still doing so.

4 thoughts on “the love of quotes

  1. Ruthie and Aunt Ev,
    I think Uncle Art’s Bible should be published with all of the notes. It’s like a journal of his life with God. I’ve loved reading what I can make out and take it with me for devotions the next day!
    love you


  2. When I see the “Bible” I remember so much the PLANT HIGH days and Art sharing at the Bible club and AM meetings. Herbie and I were blessed….I more so, because I had two good friends that loved Jesus and taught me to love the WORD … thanks Art.


  3. The Bible pictures are so moving, touching and inspiring. Thank you for sharing these memorable pictures, Ruthi. Your Father continues to inspire……



  4. Any chance on getting a copy of his quotes on his Bible? I think it was great of him to do just that. I wish I had done the same, but alas a number of Bibles I have I wrote on other paper and have no idea today what I did with them. On the Bible, I would still have them.

    Al Ortiz


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