Two weeks ago Veronica and I took a little road trip to visit her sister, my grandson and my grandson’s daddy. Here’s a few photos…

We had so much fun building sheet tents.

Jaxson loves Monty and Monty takes it like a champ.

The girls and I went out to dinner, which we hadn’t done in quite some time. We could have stayed out all night, but the funny thing was what we really wanted to do after dinner was just go home and put on our pajamas!

I am always thankful for time spent with my family!

3 thoughts on “jaxson

  1. Beautiful girls… all THREE!!
    Jaxson is precious and seems to be such a happy baby! LOVE LOVE all your wonderful pics of him!!


  2. What sweet memories you are creating. Love the picture of you and the girls and know you
    treasure that special time alone…it’s just indescribable.


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