5 Minute Friday {whole}

Gypsy Mama’s challenge 
write for 5 minutes
no rules
no editing
no worries
just do it!


The whole story.
The whole truth and nothing but the truth so help me God.

That about says it doesn’t it? We are broken. The world is broken.

But the whole story plain and simple is that God sent His Son, Jesus to earth to save us, to make us whole. To take our broken pieces upon Himself on the cross so that we could be made whole.

And that’s the truth plain and simple. The whole truth and nothing but the truth.

Being made whole in Jesus Christ is a beautiful thing.


10 thoughts on “5 Minute Friday {whole}

  1. Love it!

    Okay, here goes mine!

    When I think of the word “whole”, I think of how far from wholeness I am right now.

    But then I think of the line in Christa and Nicole and Ann’s song about being “re-made whole”.

    Oh, I am so thankful that God is not finished with me yet and that He will bring to completion what He’s started…….one day to completely re-make even the very brokenness that I struggle with each day in this ugly soul of mine.

    What grace! He fills up the holes to make me whole.


    1. YEAH! Trish! I love what you wrote!!!! I too thought about our time at Image of the Maker 🙂

      I find it challenging to write for 5 minutes WITHOUT editing! But I guess it’s a good exercise.

      So glad you did it!


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