5 thoughts on “remembering

  1. Thanks for the lovely photo. Yes, we do remember and praise God for the valiant men and women who have kept our country safe.


  2. Ruthi, Very touching photo. I plan to take two flags to Wendell and Jim’s grave. Today is also the day that I will never forget. Both Elva and Wendell died on this date but different years. Blessing to you all, Love, Jan


  3. Memorial Day, a time to reflect and give thanks for the blessings we enjoy in America! I have been thinking a lot about my two brothers, Wendell & Jim, and Art who served in the military. Thanks Ruthi for this remembrance of your Dad. His Army term was only about 4 years but his service to the King was the rest of his life – 1954 – 2011. What a life it has been! Love, Mom


  4. we sure love your family and really miss your dad. Remebering Art Yohner this day!
    Blessings to Evie


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